Blog #2: Strength in Letters

I know the saying is actually "Strength in Numbers" but for the purpose of today's blog, Strength in Letters just makes so much more sense.

When Wilson and I started Felt Good Vibes in June 2018, we set out with the intention of selling some letter boards, see what it's like to have our own business, and maybe even make a few extra bucks on the side. We already had the white picket fence, a golden retriever, and a slightly dysfunctional family so might as well add a business and fully live out the American dream, right?

What we did not realize at the time was that we were working with a product that had an incredibly dedicated group of users. No numbers crunched, packaging detail, or shipping strategies could prepare us for the emotional experience we were getting ourselves into. 

Day by day, post by post, DM by DM, comment by comment, and hundreds of conversations later, we found ourselves a part of a community filled with kind, supportive, sharp, passionate, witty, and freakin' hilarious people.

Very early on, we realized that we were not selling letter boards. We were providing a way for people to communicate, to celebrate, to mourn, to meet new people, to find their creativity, to dress up their home, to document their child's milestones, to advertise their business, and most importantly, to capture the big and small moment of life.

Letter by letter, we got to know the people behind the board. And conversation by conversation, we found our tribe.

The mom who works in retail and hauls her kids around town before settling in late at night to create the most stunning letter board displays anyone has ever seen.

The autistic boy who found an interest in letter boards.

The friend who sent a Lettergram to her mourning friend after a tragic lost.

The mom bosses who create stunning accessories to dress up our letter boards.

The women sharing their experiences (the good, the bad, and the oh-so-ugly ones) so other women don't feel alone.

The woman feeling overwhelmed.

The woman fighting depression.

The mom who never got to be a mom.

The friendships formed. The businesses created. The creative flames reignited.

There are so many beautiful and powerful stories lived by the most incredible group of humans I've ever met and I'm dedicating this blog to getting to know them a little deeper. 

If you're as inspired as I am by your fellow letter boarders, this blog is for you.

Welcome to the Felt Good Lives. 

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Lindy November 20, 2019

Loved reading about your journey a bit … what a great thing to have a business that makes such a difference in people’s lives … that allows people to express what matters and be silly and all the inbetween …. you guys rock and are the beast and soul of it all

Emily November 26, 2019

I love this. Sometimes I think, this community can’t be real. I must have made it up. That so many of us can have such different experiences, and yet the words connect us all. Because we all have something to say. I’m glad there are people who listen to me and I’m one of those crazy people who can’t wait to hear what you have to say next, because it’s always the right thing at the right moment.

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