Dear FGV Fam

Hi FGV fam.

The day has come...

No, too dramatic.

It saddens me…

No, too depressing.

You probably know where this is going by now. This is our official announcement (and my way of finally admitting it to myself) that after three glorious years of running FGV, we will be closing shop.

If there was ever a time where I truly understood the meaning of bittersweet, it would be now.

We launched FGV in 2018 with three letter boards and quickly grew to over 50 different products. We’ve had many proud accomplishments, from epic collaborations with incredible shops, partnerships with amazing influencers, becoming a household name for letter boards, and so much more. Our proudest accomplishment, and perhaps the ONE thing we will be taking with us is this kind, supportive, and incredibly talented community we’ve had the honor of being a part of.

I freaking love you guys. So dang much.

I’ve come to terms with letting go of the letter board business, but I cannot and will not accept letting go of the community. Is there some sort of alumni membership status because SIGN.ME.UP.

The decision to close FGV did not come easy and I racked my brain for many excruciating months. FGV was my baby. I built her from the ground up, literally board by board. I packaged every single order that shipped out, stamped every single shipping label, answered every email...you get the point. I was so invested in building and growing so we could continue giving our amazing customers what they wanted. I took care of it like it was truly my baby...until I had an actual baby.

Enter Kai.

My sweet and jolly but oh so demanding of time and attention baby.

I hate to blame him for the reason why FGV is closing down but...thanks a lot, kid.

Thanks for all the sleepless nights leading to exhausted days with no energy to work.

Thanks for all the bottles and pump parts that require washing during the only free time I have.

Thanks for being so dang adorable that I don’t want to do anything other than cuddle.

Thanks for forcing me to finally be a full time mom, instead of a part time everything. 

Thanks for making me see that I actually LOVE being a mom.

Thanks for making me realize our family needs me the most right now.

This is not to say that it's not possible to run a business with kids. It absolutely is. FGV started when Everly was barely one and one of the sweetest things about that experience is everyone got to watch her grow up alongside me. I will always cherish the memories of packaging while she rode her bike in circles around our garage; taking photos while she played with all the knick knacks, taking her prop hunting and letting her pick out special items that I would incorporate into our shots. And if you need more proof of how possible it is to run a successful business with kids in tow, I invite you to look around to the many thriving mama-run businesses all around us and see how incredible those women are (cheers to you specifically Mel and Heather).

I was hoping I would be able to take a small break and get right back into the swing of things with two kids, but for me, I found the transition from one kid to two monumentally more challenging than it was when Everly was born. I was riddled with guilt from all directions. Guilt of not giving Everly enough attention. Guilt of not giving Kai enough attention. Guilt of not giving FGV any attention. It consumed me and I needed to break out of the mental jail I put myself in. I had to unload some of that guilt for my own sanity.

When I finally came to terms that in this current season our family is in, I need to step up as the full time parent, the decision to let FGV go was clear.

I was not doing the business justice, nor was I giving our customers what they are used to and deserve. Daily posts became monthly posts to quarterly posts. Next day shipping became next week shipping. Opening up Instagram hourly turned to opening it monthly. All the signs were there, I just wasn’t mentally ready to let it go.

But now I am, and I’m okay with that.

If you stayed around this long to read all that, thank you. 

Thank you for the best three years of growth, friendships, and memories. Every time anyone asks me about our business, I happily use that as an opportunity to rave about you guys. I tell everyone how incredible our community is, how utterly lucky I am to have found a spot in it, and how grateful I am that you show up for us every single time. 

I don't know what the future holds but I have a sneaky suspicion that little entrepreneurial string will start tugging again sooner than later, but until then, we're sending you all peace, love, and good vibes.

Your friend,


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Jaime October 02, 2021

There are no amount of words to express how much you and FGV have meant to me and so, so many others!! I am beyond proud of YOU, your decision, and wish you and the entire family nothing but ALL THE BEST, because that’s what you deserve. I am even more proud to have been blessed enough to call you a friend. With or without your amazing boards and the FGV shop, you have an entire community here to cheer for you, no matter your endeavors! Thank you for sharing your heart and lives with us!

Jeanine October 02, 2021
I know the decision was hard but family definitely comes first. I know we’ll see you again because you are just too good at what you do. I was always so inspired by your post and how well they were written. Take care of those babies and we’ll see you soon. XOXO
Kat October 02, 2021

I had a feeling motherhood can call you in strange ways!!! I always love seeing where life takes you and I’m so happy to have gone on this journey with you!! Much love and respect for all you do!!

Greta October 02, 2021

Big hugs and much respect for your decision! You will be missed!! Following your heart to be a full time momma is something many mommas wish they could do! Blessings to you and your family!! Much love 💚💚💚

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