Blog #1: The Start of Felt Good Vibes

Blog #1: The Start of Felt Good Vibes

It was a typical week day in February 2018 when Wilson came up to me and said “Let’s sell felt letter boards.”

My response was probably what every wife would have said, “You know what a felt letter board is?”

He said, “Of course” and proceeded to show me all the research he had been doing for the past few weeks.

How my husband got to know the in’s and out’s of a felt letter board way more than I do is beyond me. #mindblown.

Before I show you what a Negative Nancy and Party Pooper I am, let me start by saying, I love felt boards, in case you couldn’t already tell.  At the time, we owned a few ourselves and Everly enjoyed putting them together with me.  I love the customization factor and how easily they fit into any room no matter the theme which is great because I’m always switching up our home décor (any excuse to browse Home Goods!)

Between my love for decorating and Wilson’s never ending home renovation list, anyone who knows us can tell you that we’re total homebodies.  If we did start a business, it would make total sense for it to be in the home space.  But even with all that, I still wasn’t quite sold. Sure, we love all things home related, but we’re not business people. We don’t have a ton of money set aside to start a business. We have a baby. I have a full-time job. We have a baby! And above all, we’re comfortable so why shake things up?

Wilson agreed. We don’t have money set aside just to start a business and yes, we do indeed have a baby. But we also have a dream and we were not going to get there by being comfortable. 

Being comfortable is not going to allow us to pursue our passion and do what we love for a living, it is not going to pay off our dream home, it’s not going to allow us to travel the world whenever we want to, it’s not going to allow us to be present for every moment in our kids’ lives, and it’s definitely not going to build our dream farm where rescue dogs can run wild and free (seriously, we talk about this every time we buy a lotto ticket). Being comfortable is good, but being uncomfortable is where the magic happens.

In that moment, I was reminded of the determined bright-eyed guy I met at a bar nine years ago who would not take “no” for an answer. That same drive and zest for life that won him a wife just won him a business partner.

And just like that, Felt Good Vibes was born.

If you’ve been following us since day one, you know that I always mention FGV being Wilson’s idea and now you know the story behind it.  Leave it up to my basketball-loving, house-renovating, man’s man of a husband to get so excited about a letter board and the potential of building a brand that offered more variety at an affordable price.

His insanity is both brilliant and frustrating (more on that in a later blog) but he’s right in so many ways.  Being uncomfortable doesn’t guarantee us the dream but it does open up that door. We have so far to go and so much more to do but for now, I’m extremely uncomfortable and starting to like it.

(Written August 2018)

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