Blog #6 - Nothing and Everything


Day 30 of quarantine.

I'm stuck somewhere in the land of "this is fine, we're going to be fine" mentality and "holy crap, life will never be the same again" pits of despair.

I haven't been able to eloquently put my thoughts into words so I'm going to just ramble and spit it out.

What I once considered to be my biggest strength of empathy, thinking through every angle, and considering how each move will make others feel has quickly turned into my biggest weakness.

I'm overthinking everything and scared to do anything.

I'm very cautious and hyper aware of what we post and do as I never want to come off as tone-deaf to the situation going on right now.

We're in a global pandemic. People are dying. Businesses are closing down, many of which may not survive to open up again. People are losing their jobs. People can't pay their bills. Parents have to make the difficult decision of sending their kids to daycare while they work the front lines. It's a kind of madness that I cannot even fully comprehend.

What pulls me out of this dark rabbit hole is the constant outpouring of light I see on the brighter side of this disaster.

People are connecting now, more than ever. Neighbors are offering to pick up groceries for the elderly on their street. Businesses have switched over to making essential PPE to donate to our healthcare workers. Teachers are changing up their entire agenda and making it work via Zoom. Friends are dropping off treats to brighten each other's day. Frontline and essential workers are finally getting the recognition they've always deserved. Pets have their favorite hoomans home all the time. Overworked parents are getting to spend more time with their kids. Some of us are learning to bake bread from scratch. Olaf is reading bedtime stories. The sun rises every morning and sunsets have been phenomenal lately.

People are recovering. Clinical trials are in place. Many are staying home and doing their part.

In a response to the situation, we've added a few new things to FGV to keep our shop going while trying to help the situation:

  1. #FGVBoardTherapy - At the beginning of March, we brought back our Perfectly Imperfect Collection and offered a free board to anyone who needed something to pass the time and get a little creative. The response was overwhelmingly positive and what touched me most was the majority of people wanted to send it to a friend in need. 
  2. New launch model - Because everyone's budgets are a little tighter now, we want to respect those who are watching their spending. We'll be launching half of our inventory for each new board color as scheduled and saving the other half for when things settle. That way, if you would like a board but cannot afford to buy now, it'll be there waiting for you at a later time.
  3. More savings - Enjoy 20% off most of our site now until the end of the month with code: GOODVIBES. 

    We're open to any more ideas of how we can help and will work to implement them immediately.

    Since this blog is about nothing and everything, I'll throw in another completely different topic: working from home.

    Wilson and I are no strangers to working from home. We've been doing it for over five years, two of those years with a newborn/toddler in tow.

    We're not experts at how to be hyper-productive at your job and are poor examples of how to set up the perfect ergonomic workstation, but what we are really good at is surviving and sometimes thriving in a highly chaotic home environment.

    In case you have found yourself thrown into a WFH situation with a new set of needy and loud coworkers (formerly known as kids and pets), here are some tips:

    1. Get ready. Get up 10 minutes before the rest of your household to brush your teeth, make your bed, and change into a new pair of sweats. Anything more is a bonus.
    2. Make a to do list and assign it to a schedule. It doesn't have to be elaborate or on some fancy app, just jot it down. Putting something down on paper will ensure you won't forget or get sidetracked because now more than ever, you're bound to get distracted. If you don't get through it that day, forgive yourself and move the remaining items to tomorrow's list.
    3. Tag team. If you're fortunate enough to have a partner home with you, agree on a block of 1-2 hours every day where one of you can lock yourself in a room and get some work done undisturbed. This time block is where you should schedule those work calls, video meetings, important emails, etc. Then switch. If you are not working from home, it's important to have this block of time, even if it's 20 minutes, to decompress and rest before you put the mom hat back on. If you don't have a partner home with you, it's okay to put that responsibility on Netflix or the iPad while you get work done.
    4. Get fresh air and sunshine. Did you know fresh air and sunshine have been proven to boost your immunity, mood, and overall disposition? If you're feeling stuck, grumpy, uninspired - get out and take a walk. 
    5. Log out. One of the biggest challenges I had when I first started working from home was not lacking discipline to work but lacking discipline to stop working. Give yourself an end time, set your alarm and stick to it. 

      There's a popular quote / meme going around that if you don't get out of this quarantine with a new skill, a side-hustle started, or a big goal accomplished, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline.


      If you do get out of this quarantine with any of those accomplished, major kudos to you. Truly, you go girl.

      But if you just survive this quarantine and come out of it with your sanity, a healthy and happy family, and more importantly, still liking your partner - MAJOR KUDOS TO YOU TOO.

      For the first time in a long time, society is closed down and societal expectations should too. You do whatever it takes to survive this pandemic. Focus on your mental health and happiness.

      When this is over, we'll be back in the rat race in some way or another so for these next few weeks of uncertainty ahead, stay in your sweats, play with your kids, hug your partner, make new memories, and just live.

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